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Peter Moylan
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Default Pukka mealtimes

Peter H.M. Brooks wrote:

In my youth there was a late night horror known as Twiggies Pie Cart. You
could order a number of exotic dishes to stimulate the palate you could
specify that 'hotters' were added. The pies were all at least a day old. If
you made the mistake of dining there (for, at that time of night everything
else was closed) you learned, early in life, quite what the combination of a
bad hangover and heart burn felt like.

When I was a student, a group of us had the habit of getting together
at midnight each Friday for a card game. The hunger pangs used to
set in at about 4 a.m., and the only place open at that time of
night was a hamburger shop about half an hour's walk away. (In
those days, few students were rich enough to drive a car.) It took
us a while to learn that it was necessary to buy two hamburgers
per person: one for the trip home, and one to eat once we'd
arrived back to continue the card game.

Was the food any good? Who knows? After four hours of playing
poker you tend to be fairly well lubricated.

A year or two later we discovered that if we walked in a less
obvious direction we would get to the city's main fruit and
vegetable market, where people started work at roughly the same
time as the average student was going to bed. It was a longer
walk, but gave us a wider choice of food. As an added bonus,
the pubs were permitted to open at 6 a.m., being exempt from the
rule that said that "normal" pubs couldn't open until 10 a.m.

Peter Moylan (OS/2 and eCS information and software)