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Default Pukka mealtimes

The carbon unit using the name Reid© in
gave utterance as follows:

Following up to Javi

You are quite right, it would be unwise to use it for chips.

Then Spaniards are quite unwise: we believe that the best "frituras"
(deep fried stuff, usually chips or fish) are those made in olive

and the fried fish in Seville is possibly the best in the world.
"Kiosk de los flores" by the bridge to Trianna for example,

I know that, I've been there. We write it "Quiosco" or "Kiosco".

they serve fried fish on paper without a stain of oil.

Frituras are even better in Cádiz, where you can eat them at the seaside;
marinated fish ("adobo") and fish's roe is great. Those shops are usually
called "freidurías".

try that
in a chippy!

??? "Chippy" is not in my dictionaries as a noun. Is that a chip 'n fish

My deep fat fryer is filled with olive oil.

So is mine.

Saludos cordiales


Conjunction of an irregular verb:

I am firm.
You are obstinate.
He is a pig-headed fool.