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Peter H.M. Brooks
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Default Pukka mealtimes

"Reidİ" wrote in message
Following up to Peter H.M. Brooks

In the real world outside ng's for most people 8 isn't a "tiny"
dinner party.

You aren't suggesting that I'm living in an unreal world are you?

this is an unreal world.

What do you mean by 'unreal'? It seems pretty real to me.

With the dry sherry in a cooler, place bottles and glasses on a
table and tell the guests to help themselves, there is usually
someone willing to do the job amongst the guests anyway. It gets
them taking to one another and helps to destroy any potential
atmosphere of formality.

You can do that, but there's often some girlie who wants a medium sherry,

you have to provide it and label it so that no normal person has to gag

the dreadful stuff.

or some boylie? Why not provide good sherry across the range? A
Palo Cordato would be nice, just avoid "cream" IMHO.

Tio Pepe is very nice, though these days, being in Cape Town, I usually have
South African sherries, which are very good indeed.

"Wherever tyranny has ruled, it has been with this insidious claim that the
status quo must not be questioned," - Bantu Holomisa