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Default [Flonknews] Would You Like Some Silly Putty with That?

Would you like a cow eyeball with your burger?

One of the more-enduring urban legends about McDonald’s is that their
hamburgers contain cow eyeballs. While this has not proven to be the
case, their Baked Hot Apple Pie does contain duck feathers, or at
least an ingredient commonly derived from such. Truth can be just as
strange as fiction.

How have duck feathers become a viable ingredient in apple pie?
Welcome to the world of food additives. People have been adding
flavors, spices, natural preservatives and ripening agents to food
since antiquity. But as the popularity of highly processed food has
risen dramatically since the 1950s, so has the astounding array of
bizarre chemical additives used in food manufacturing. Fast-food
recipes seem to be born more from the laboratory than from farm or

And although the powers that be deem these food-additive chemicals
safe, the science fiction of it all is a bit unsettling. How do we
come up with these things? Here are some of the wackiest of the
bunch . . . :


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Duck feathers and human hair in bread?
we need a vegan Seal of Approval or something.