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Default [TN] A Profound Sauvignon Blanc

During our stay here in NZ, we have tried quite a few Sauvignon Blancs
(natch) both purchased at the store and at a few wineries. Some have
been interesting, some have been overly dilute but few have really
merited a lot of serious attention... until tonight's. With pizza:

2011 Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough)
nose: grassy, herbal, mineral, grapefruit
palate: deeply fruity, medium weight, vivid acidity

Based purely on mouthfeel, I'd say that this wine has twice the dry
extract of any SB tasted on this trip. It has a heft and intensity to
it that to me speaks of diligent crop management and an attitude toward
the grape that does beyond quick cash flow. It should probably be noted
that, on my visit here 10 years ago, this producer made one of the two
SBs that I chose to bring back to the States. They don't seem to have
slipped in quality since then.

Well done!
Mark Lipton