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Default TN: Nice night of Syrah

DaleW wrote:

1996 Rostaing Cote-Rotie "La Landonne"
The words goopy and gloppy (if they are words) come to mind. Timber! I
think not. C

What a great night of wines, Dale, with many of my favorite N Rhone
producers! All the more shame about the above wine is that he inherited
all the vines of the late, lamented Marius Gentaz

On the Allemand Cornas: I've only had a few of his wines, but they have
seemed in comparison to my other Cornas expeierences a bit... glossy?
Perhaps polished is a better word as it doesn't connote new oak. I'm
told that Allemand does partial carbonic maceration, so that could
account for my impressions. Did you get any sense of this?

Mark Lipton