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Default "Special" tea farming in China?

alistair > wrote:
>Wouldn't you say that drinking these teas here in the West is a bit odd?
>A good Formosa Oolong must surely be of a comparable quality to the
>mainland ones. On top of that, I am never quite sure about the level of
>pesticides that go into the production of Chinese teas. In the past it
>was very high, maybe it has reduced in the last years. Would be
>interested to know.

Well, the pesticide issue is just another reason why the priority farms
are operated. They provide a way for the elite to have better quality
food, grown under better conditions, and without the market issues that
have been involved in the food purity scandals recently.

I don't know if the tea from there is any better than the export grade tea
or the tea from Taiwan, but I would be thoroughly willing to try testing them.
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