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Default TN: ESJ wins in New World Grenache night

DaleW wrote:

Red# 3- No guesses from me, as it's my wine. 3rd time I've had this
recently, and to me best of a good series of showings. Balanced,
earthy, herby, fleshy without any flab, a lot like an old school CdP.
First bottle emptied (maybe only one). 2001 Edmunds St. John Rocks
and Gravel (46% Grenache, 33% Mourvedre, 18% Syrah, and 3% Counoise).

When I read this, I was thinking back to my own experiences with this
wine before recalling that I never had it: what I had was the '01 Los
Robles Viejos, which was also a lovely, fleshy wine. For whatever
reason, Steve E. seems to find more success in odd-numbered years than
even-numbered ones recently, though the legendary '92 Grand Heritage
Syrah looms large as a counterexample.

Red#4 - Jammy, fruit compote meets fruit compost, no apparent oak,
heavy, some lifted notes much beloved by some. I figure Oz. 2009
Torbeck Juveniles (60% Grenache). C

This is very interesting to me. A while ago, Dan Fredman -- one of the
most knowledgeable people I know on the subject of Oz wines -- had
recommended the Cuvée Juveniles as a good introduction to Torbreck for
people with Europhilic palates. Dan generally doesn't steer me wrong,
but I don't think I'll go looking for this while here in the Antipodes.

Red#5- I'm in Oz again. Very ripe, but fresh and straightforward. Red
fruit, herb, red fruit. Guy who brought admits it's actually 42% G.
2009 Stump Jump GSM B-

For the record, the producer is D'Arenberg in case anyone's looking for
this. I recall drinking some of their wines back in the early aughties,
but they always seemed to have a very similar licorice/eucalyptus
character to them that grew boring after a few examples.

Red#6- Roger says he tried, but no New World Grenache at store he
went into. Red jammy fruit, a bit of oak, somewhat
monolithic/monotone. 2009 Borsao Tres Picos C+/B-

That sounds a bit like my impressions, too. The Tinto Borsao, as you
well know, proved more interesting to me.

You're a trooper, Dale. Well done!

Mark Lipton