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Default Cooler Wine Kits

You might want to try this product.

I doing the Hard Cran. Lemonade. (23 litre)

The kit is a 28 day procedure.

These kits are mostly sold to the u-brew outlets (in BC Canada) but most
will sell the kit for home. Only drawback on these kits is that they are
Forced Carbonated and shelf life is about 6 months. I am trying a
split batch doing the kit as suggested but not degassing half the batch
and not carbonating. The other half degassing to a still product.
I see if this works out.

What I been told by a buddy that sells wine/beer kits (not this one
unfortunately) Vinoka is a good product. They also make a cider. (next


Leslie Gadallah wrote:
Weez wrote:

Try the Brew King (winexpert) Island Mist kits. They're much better

I tried one kit from the company you mention "Black Cherry Pinot Noir"
like you said, too sweet, It was like Dr. Pepper with alcohol!

Weez and all those finding the "Something Mist" fruit wines much too sweet:

I have found it expedient to put a third to one half of the fruit
pack (the one that usually goes into the wine at the end after
stabilising) into the primary fermentation and ferment the sugar out of
it. That gives a little more alcohol in the finished product, which I
think does it good, and leaves most of the fruit flavour in tact
(although it does change character a little).
A word of caution however--the fruit packs contain a fair bit of
sorbate, so too much in the fermenter could possibly stop your
fermentation, or at least slow it down a lot.