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Default Cooler Wine Kits

Try the Brew King (winexpert) Island Mist kits. They're much better

I tried one kit from the company you mention "Black Cherry Pinot Noir" and
like you said, too sweet, It was like Dr. Pepper with alcohol!

I've tried 3 Brew King's so far and all are great. We add 1 pound of sugar
so they reach about 8.5%. We've tried the Strawberry Merlot, the Exotic
Fruit Zinfandel and the Peach & Apricot Chardonnay.


"Insprucegrove" > wrote in message
> Thought I would try something different and make a cooler style wine

> thinking of the Niagara Mist Grapefruit Blush. Anyone else tried this
> (My only other cooler style wine I have made was Blackberry Merlot-and it

> word it was terrible. Sickly sweet- Still trying to figure out ways to

> it!) I presume that the grapefruit would be more tart.