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Default Now Defunct Restaurants

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>> >>It's too bad Wayne and Michael (Dog3) aren't posting here anymore.
>> >>They'd
>> >>recognize some of these old Memphis restaurants.

>> >>The Knickerbocker
>> >>Anderton's
>> >>Pete & Sams
>> >>Buntyn's Cafe
>> >>Pappy & Jimmy's
>> >>Britlings Cafeteria

>> >>99th Bomb Group by the airport
>> >>The Belmont Grill (made a really good Monte Cristo sandwich!)

>> > 99th Bomb Group, really??

>> Sorry! 91st Bomb Group. Next to the airport. Wonderful beer cheese
>> soup.
>> We'd sometimes make the drive there for lunch... extending the lunch hour
>> by
>> about 30 minutes
>> > Another one for your list (IIR the name correctly) was Aga Khan
>> > (Ghengis Khan?). I loved that place.


>> Hmmm, I don't remember that one. I remember going to Picadilly's
>> cafeteria
>> in Germantown with co-workers. I used to hate cafeterias; they reminded
>> me
>> too much of school.

> Cafeterias seem to be enduringly popular in the south for some reason.
> (Freestanding ones, not part of any institution.) Curious after seeing
> an ad for Picadilly's on some nostalgia TV network, I found the
> northernmost one was near St. Louis. (Odder still, all Picadilly's
> outlets were in former slave states.) The one that sticks in my mind
> is Luby's, because of the Texas massacre at one.

Massacres aside, I was never a very big fan of cafeterias (Picadilly's,
Luby's and I'm pretty sure there was a third one for a little while). They
remind me too much of school. Sliding a tray down a metal railing telling
the lunch ladies what you'd like. Of course they're wearing plastic gloves
because that's what lunch ladies l do. And they wear hairnets (or in some
cases shower-cap type hats). And long aprons. That makes me wonder what
sort of illness these cafeteria workers might have since they practically
don hazmat suits to serve food through a slot covered by a sneezeguard.