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Default Now Defunct Restaurants

"Snoodles McGrew" > wrote in message
> On Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:59:00 -0500, "jmcquown" >
> wrote:
>>It's too bad Wayne and Michael (Dog3) aren't posting here anymore. They'd
>>recognize some of these old Memphis restaurants.
>>The Knickerbocker
>>Pete & Sams
>>Buntyn's Cafe
>>Pappy & Jimmy's
>>Britlings Cafeteria
>>99th Bomb Group by the airport
>>The Belmont Grill (made a really good Monte Cristo sandwich!)

> Did anyone ever figure out if that old queen Michael is alive? I heard
> she croaked, and that Wayne went belly up.

Don't be crude. It's people like you who drove the original posters away.