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Originally Posted by Space Cowboy View Post
I finally figured out the business model for Teavana. Have you ever
I've never ordered from Adagio, though I plan to after the holidays. I like the prices better for sure, and people (here, at least) assure me that the quality is better. My boyfriend ordered the ThinkGeek sampler ("Tea, Earl Grey, hot", anyone?), and I'm very pleased with it. I'll give them a shot. I do like the fact that, unlike Teavana, you can order a sample.

I do enjoy some of Teavana's teas (the chai blend (and the white chai), Eastern Beauty, the black pearls and the straight Assam). However, apart from the chai blend and the Eastern Beauty*, I can find all** of them at SpecialTeas (or elsewhere) for much better prices. I don't care much for SuperSpecialAwesome Fruit Blend or whatever.
I will say that I like Teavana's selection of teaware better. I don't see the need for a cast iron teapot or whatever at this point, but I like the washi tins and some of their cups.
What I don't like are the pushy sales tactics--though it seems like the experience varies from store to store--and the high prices.
(I can justify perhaps buying all the teas but the Assam because I can get multiple brews out of them.) I can't really speak to the quality of the tea because I don't have enough experience.