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Default Do you have a Christmas Menu?

No plans. We are postponing Christmas for a few months so we can have
something decent rather than half-arsed. I believe some young friends
and their toddler are coming over Christmas Eve for a BBQ but they are
just bringing a bit of meat and whatevers for themselves and my boys can
get what they want. My ex did say his girlfriend will bring a ham and
some cooked chickens over Christmas Day so probably throw a salad
together if they stay, which they probably will. We had dessert lined up
last year and no one ate any as we were too full and the ex and his GF
moved on to her daughter's house after eating here. I might just get
some fruit and we can cut it up if necessary.

"Julie Bove" wrote in message
We are having our Christmas Eve dinner out at a restaurant that caters
to senior citizens. Of course they have food for everyone else but
they have a large senior's menu and they give an additonal discount
when you check out if you had a senior dining with you. It is also a
good place to dine if you have food allergies because they offer some
plain foods and plenty of side dishes like canned fruit and cottage
cheese. I know, I know... Why would you dine out only to order
canned fruit? Well because it's generally safe if you have a food
allergy. They have a very wide menu and we can all get something we
like there.

Afterwards we will go back to my parent's house for the surprise ball,
presents and dessert. No clue what they will have for dessert and not
interested since I don't eat it. I will pick up something for Angela
and probably get some sort of expensive candy at Central Market. My
mom likes their chocolate covered cherries.

For Christmas Day I will be making my husband the garlic, shrimp pasta
that he likes. Only problem is Angela accidentally picked up linguini
instead of the angel hair pasta. That was not her fault. There was
an elderly Asian man causing a scene in the aisle. It was quite
comical but also very sad. He had put 8 noodle bowls in the cart. The
woman he was with freaked and told him he couldn't have them. He then
started hopping up and down, screaming and crying that they had no
food in the house. I turned around to see the age of the boy who was
doing this, only to see a little bitty elderly man. The woman had two
small things in the cart. One appeared to be a metal Christmas
decoration. I don't know what the other item was. Then as soon as she
turned her back to him, he grabbed a whole case of the noodle bowls,
and overturned them over her shoulder, pelting her with the box and
depositing the bowls in the cart. She started screaming at him again.
We were concerned because he kept saying there was nothing to eat. No
food in the house. We circled around, passing by the aisle again and
the woman appeared to be reading the ingredients. So maybe he got his
noodle bowls after all.

I will be making a tuna casserole for Angela and I. I know that
doesn't sound very festive but I don't make it often and it is one of
Angela's favorite foods. When I told her I would be making it, she
was very happy! I make it with macaroni made of quinoa. Lots of
mushrooms and tuna and a little macaroni.

I don't plan to have any real desserts at our house. It's possible my
mom will send some leftovers home to us, but we usually don't take
them. I did buy a can of some sort of cookies. Possibly Danish
Butter. I don't know and don't really care. I never know how serious
my husband will be about his diet when he comes home. Last time he
told us not to buy him any sweets or chips and that was all that he
wanted when he got here. We do have chips and aerosol cheese. I
know, I know. I also have plenty of hummus.

Must go tomorrow and get some more fresh veggies. I thought I had
plenty but the carrots expired today. Will get whatever else we might
need on Friday when we go to Winco.

Have you made any plans yet?