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Default Lining pans with foil

"John Kuthe" wrote in message
On Dec 18, 7:56 am, "Polly Esther" wrote:
On Sun, 18 Dec 2011 02:58:28 -0500, wrote:

Does lining and baking sheet, or roasting pan with aluminum foil have
significant effect on the cooking? Does it reflect heat so food cooks
faster, or
does it have an effect like having the heat too high? Thanks.

I've read something about that somewhere. It seems that it does affect
time/temp; even so much that whether you use the shiny side out or the
side out matters. But significant? Not so much, I think. Polly

This I think. Everything affects everything else, but how much a thing
effects everything else is the question and is that effect significant
at all. Like Bryan's justification for the superiority of paper coffee
filters over metal, because the paper filters absorb some of the oils
in coffee that raise cholesterol levels in your blood. Yes they do but
how MUCH does the result lower YOUR cholesterol is the question, and
the answer is by a few INSIGNIFICANT points!

John Kuthe...

Cholesterol in coffee?????