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Default Made a new Christmas Candy this year: Eggnog Truffles!

On Dec 9, 2:40*pm, sueb wrote:
On Dec 8, 2:20*pm, John Kuthe wrote:

On Dec 8, 3:29*pm, sueb wrote:

That sounds good. *Did you use 1/2 cup or 1/4 cup of rum? *Did you
melt the white chocolate before adding it?

Susan B.

1/2 cup Myer's dark rum. There are probably better more flavorful dark
rums, but this is what they had at the grocery store.

I gently boiled the rum first to reduce it's liquid volume primarily.
Probably evaporated most of the alcohol too, but like I said I wanted
to reduce the liquid volume.Then I added 1 cup of eggnog and mixed and
brought that to a boil, then I added the white chocolate and p-sug.
(May leave out the p-sug next year.) And I let the heat of the boiled
eggnog/reduced rum melt the white chocolate, which was in small pieces
to start with. Just like I do for regular chocolate truffles only I
use 40% cream as the liquid.

John Kuthe...


Like I said elsewhere sueb, my ganache was still very soft. I had to
freeze it and work with it cold to get it to be workable and retain
it's shape for dipping.

Hope you can make it and improve on it! Let us know! :-) Merry

John Kuthe...