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Default Made a new Christmas Candy this year: Eggnog Truffles!

On Dec 8, 10:52*pm, "Storrmmee" wrote:
i was curious if she had acess to your production or if she had posted
something i missed, from what i have read here hyou make more candy than
just about anyone on this group.

Well, I do make a lot, but I'm not in competition with anyone. I just
like making enolugh to give everyone nice Christmas presents and have
leftovers, especially of the things I really like, like Chocolate
Covered Cherries! I ran short last year!! :-(

btw, my friend who is an egg nog fanatic, was thrilled to get the recipe,
then i told her i knew where you lived, or the neighborhood anyway and i was
considering breaking and entering, she said she was in, Lee"John Kuthe" wrote in message

Best way to get some is express a genuine interest in making them with
me and buy some ingredients and come over for a few hours and put some
sweat equity in. Had a friend's cousin do that a bunch of years ago
with the coconuts I make. She and a friend came over and we had a
coconut candy making party! :-) Great fun! Of course anyone who helps
me make *my* Christmas Candy must perform quality control! ;-) And/or
eat the defects!!

John Kuthe...