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Default Made a new Christmas Candy this year: Eggnog Truffles!

On Dec 8, 3:29*pm, sueb wrote:
That sounds good. *Did you use 1/2 cup or 1/4 cup of rum? *Did you
melt the white chocolate before adding it?

Susan B.

1/2 cup Myer's dark rum. There are probably better more flavorful dark
rums, but this is what they had at the grocery store.

I gently boiled the rum first to reduce it's liquid volume primarily.
Probably evaporated most of the alcohol too, but like I said I wanted
to reduce the liquid volume.Then I added 1 cup of eggnog and mixed and
brought that to a boil, then I added the white chocolate and p-sug.
(May leave out the p-sug next year.) And I let the heat of the boiled
eggnog/reduced rum melt the white chocolate, which was in small pieces
to start with. Just like I do for regular chocolate truffles only I
use 40% cream as the liquid.

John Kuthe...