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Default Made a new Christmas Candy this year: Eggnog Truffles!

On Dec 7, 11:12*am, merryb wrote:
On Dec 6, 7:03*pm, John Kuthe wrote:

Got 164 of them out of 2 lbs of white chocolate! I was kinda surprised
I got that many, but I did. Thought I was gonna have to make another

Here's my recipe. I kinda modified a recipe I found on the MyRecipes

2 lbs white chocolate
1 cup eggnog
1/2 cup dark rum
1 cup powdered sugar (at the recommendation of MyRecipies)

First, I reduced the dark rum (I used Myers) by about 1/2 to reduce
the amount of liquid I was putting in (not to remove the alcohol, but
it probably did). Then I added the eggnog and brought the mixture up
to a boil then dumped in the white chocolate and p-sugar and mixed

It was more watery than I'm used to with other ganaches I make, and I
poured it onto a plastic lined baking sheet and refrigerated. Still
pretty soft so I put it in the freezer overnight. That was workable
but I had to keep it refrigerated and cut it into strips outside where
it's cold (32F and dropping!) which I them brought inside one at a
time and cut into piece size pieces, quickly form into a ball and dip
in white chocolate compound coating (**** you Bryan, YOU deal with the
"real" chocolate for enrobing when you make almost 200 pieces of 8
different kinds of Christmas Candy!!) I sprinkled a little nutmeg on
each piece immediately after dipping, and they eat just like a sip of
eggnog, with the nutmeg sprinkled on top, only sweeter which is OK
because they are candy!

I have now entered the world of white chocolate after 25 years of
making Christmas Candy! :-)

John Kuthe...

All that work and you're using compound coating? Real white chocolate
is nasty in my book, and I would think the white coating would have a
weird chemical taste...I think you'd be better off using tempered
chocolate since you are putting so much into this.

The cost difference is significant. Plus the trouble of enrobing with
"real" chocolate. I do it with my Chocolate Covered Cherries by slowly
heating the "real" chocolate so as to not break the temper. And I keep
quoting "real" chocolate because the only really significant
difference between "real" chocolate and compound coating is the fat,
not the cocoa, The cocoa is real chocolate.

Of course white chocolate contains no cocoa, which is why some say
it's not really chocolate. And I've been one of those for a long time
too. But I've come over to the "white side"! I made a ganache with
real dark chocolate and eggnog and I could not taste the eggnog! So I
got some "real" white chocolate, made a ganache with white chocolate,
eggnog and reduced rum and it's YUM!

You can bitch and moan all you want about what I enrobe my Christmas
Candy in, I don't care. Several years back there was an interruption
in my usual supply of the compound coating I'd used for years, so I
had to find a substitute. And I sampled several compound coatings, and
the Bada Bing Bada Boom line by was by far the best. So
that's what I use now. If you don't like it don't eat it. You're not
paying any $$ for it because I do not sell it. It's a gift. Accept it
as is, enjoy it if you can (*many* do, me included!) or STFU about it!
Make your own damned Christmas Candy if you think you can do better!

Merry Christmas! :-)

John Kuthe...