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Default TN: bad BTG, good CHampagne

On 12/5/11 2:27 PM, DaleW wrote:
Sunday was Betsy's birthday, we decided to try a new local seafood
place, Dayboat Cafe in Irvington. We started with some excellent
blouepoints as well as a grilled octopus salad (tasty, but I thought
a bit skimpy with octopus- one piece of tentacle about the size of a
cigar). Then she had scallops with mushrooms and an orange beurre
blanc, I had grilled branzino with potatoes and beans. Fish was quite
good, but the wine prices mean if we contemplate going again, I'll
check re corkage- and just not go if not available. - uninspired
selections at 3+X retail. We settled for a couple of glasses:


Yeah, if that's the best you can do off the wine list, it'd be corkage
for me, too. That's a shame since it's fairly easy to find good,
reasonably priced white wines. Please pass on a Happy Birthday to Betsy
from Jean and me.

Mark Lipton

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