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Default Remarkable Surprise

Lewis Perin > wrote:
(Scott Dorsey) writes:
>>I was given a bag of Kirkland Green Tea from Costco and I was shocked to
>>find it was actual matcha. Not good matcha; it's not aromatic like the
>>higher grade stuff, but it definitely has that characteristic flavour.
>>It's nothing wonderful but it's entirely drinkable which is a lot more
>>than I was expecting.

>How much is in the bag? How are you going to store it so itll stay

These things are actually teabags, with a coarsely ground matcha in them,
as well as with powder outside the bag in the same envelope. The notion
is that you're supposed to put the teabag into the tea to steep and then
add the powder from the same package. It works better than I'd ever have

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