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Default 1970 Lafite 3L

On Nov 28, 9:28*am, "Bi!!" wrote:
Many years ago at the complettion of a real estate deal I was gifted a
3L bottle of 1970 Chateau Lafite from a man who really didn't know or
like wine but he had a number of cases stacked up in the corner of his
office. *At the conclusion of the real estate closing he pulled up a
large format bottle and handed it to me and told me that it probably
wasn't any good as it had sat around his office for years. *He had 6
of these 3L bottles of 1970 Lafite. *I had a large crowd at
Thanksgiving and decided to open my bottle. *While it still had a good
neck fill, the cork slid out with ease. *The nose was fairly effusive
with cassis when I decanted it. The wine was slightly brickish in the
glass but still a medium red in color. *Within minutes the nose had
opened up showing classic cedar, lead pencil, cassis and floral
notes. *The wine evolved over the next hour but never disappointed.
I was pleased. "A-"

I still have 5 magnums of 1970 and several single bottles, all of
which have been properly stored since release. I reported tasting a
magnum here a year or so ago. It has turned out better than many
expected early on and likely will hold well several more years. I
think I paid about $24 per single bottle for a case, and a bit more
than twice that for magnums. It has always been a bit heavy for a
Lafite. However age has made it much better balanced. if you bought it
today, it is going at auction for about 4534 UK Pounds per case of 12
single bottles. However the 1982 sells for about 31813 Pounds per case
of single bottles. These are prices quoted by the Dec. 2011 decanter.
The 1982 is very popular in the Orient, which likely explains some of
the very high price.