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Default 1970 Lafite 3L

On Nov 28, 8:28*am, "Bi!!" wrote:
Many years ago at the complettion of a real estate deal I was gifted a
3L bottle of 1970 Chateau Lafite from a man who really didn't know or
like wine but he had a number of cases stacked up in the corner of his
office. *At the conclusion of the real estate closing he pulled up a
large format bottle and handed it to me and told me that it probably
wasn't any good as it had sat around his office for years. *He had 6
of these 3L bottles of 1970 Lafite. *I had a large crowd at
Thanksgiving and decided to open my bottle. *While it still had a good
neck fill, the cork slid out with ease. *The nose was fairly effusive
with cassis when I decanted it. The wine was slightly brickish in the
glass but still a medium red in color. *Within minutes the nose had
opened up showing classic cedar, lead pencil, cassis and floral
notes. *The wine evolved over the next hour but never disappointed.
I was pleased. "A-"

Wow sounds great. Would have loved to be at that opening.