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Richard Kovach
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Default Making wine from old kits

I wouldn't bother changing anything, especially using more sulfite.
As I just responded in another thread, in my experience the kit
manufacturers already include far more potassium metabisulfite than is
necessary. If you think they've already aged to a detrimental point,
I would ferment them with a yeast that is more conducive to early
consumption (like Red Star Pasteur Red), following the manufacturer's
instructions (using their timeline and the fining agents) and then
consume/share them as aggressively as is both enjoyable and healthy


(Kevin) wrote in message . com...
Recently I was the recipient of 6 old wine kits. Three whites and
three reds. They are Western Classics 45 day kits and are from
RJSpagnols, probably the same as their Ancient Vines. The kits are 2
to 3 years old. They will be ready to bottle in 2 weeks. So far smell
and taste is ok. Two of the reds are a bit brownish and the whites
seem ok except maybe a little dark in color. Normally I would age my
wine in carboys for 6 months min. and I wouldn't add extra sulphite
beyond what the kit provided. Then I would try to bottle age for an
additional year or 2. However in this old wine scenario I would expect
to drink them immediately as I think they are oxidized somewhat. My
question is should I add extra sulphite other than what is supplied
and/or add bentonite (which I never do) to help strip some of the
color. A further sulphite question is would the extra sulphite if
added protect the wine and allow me to keep it a little longer. I've
posted twice on other ng's with no reply so just maybe someone here
has had a similar experience. Or suggestions from people like Lum or
Tom would also be appreciated. I would expect to filter them as well
with the MiniJet using # 2 filters. Thanks. Kevin