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Default A Wholesome, Plant-Based Diet May Cut Risks and Complications of Diabetes

On Nov 16, 9:15*am, wrote:
India has the world's highest diabetes rate. *India has a plant
dominated diet. *Nuff said.
Doctors say a perverse twist of science makes Indians susceptible to
diabetes and complications such as heart disease and stroke as soon as
their living conditions improve. As a decade of 7 percent average
annual growth lifts 400 million people into the middle class, bodies
primed over generations for poverty, malnutrition and manual labor are
leaving Indians ill- prepared for calorie-loaded food or the cars, TVs
and computers that sap physical activity.
Programmed for Diabetes

Researchers are finding the pattern begins before birth: Underfed
mothers produce small, undernourished babies with metabolisms equipped
for deprivation and unable to cope with plenty. Sonarís mother, a
widow who spent her life in a village and raised seven children by
doing farm work, was active and healthy into her 70s, Sonar says.