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Default TN: Wines from Iberia, France, and Germany

On 11/7/11 3:17 PM, DaleW wrote:

#3 My backup wasn't blind to me of course, I knew it was the 2008
Descendientes de Josť Palacios "Petalos" (Bierzo). Lots of acid,
bright, black raspberries with a little oak/vanilla. Good length, fun
if slightly glossy. B+/B

Yup, when I had this wine in Philly last year, that was pretty much my
take. Interesting to compare it with the D. Ventura Ribeira Sacra.


#5 This is really nice, earth, good acids, red fruits, fresh.
Through a couple verbal hints I got Ribeira Sacra. 2009 Ventura
"Vino Do Burato" (Ribeira Sacra). A-/B+

I recently (9/21) had the '09 D. Ventura "Caneiro" which showed quite
similarly to yours. Yours was probably higher up in the hierarchy, but
I definitely have to get more the next time CSW has them in.

Mark Lipton

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