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Default TN: Wines from Iberia, France, and Germany

Friday Betsy made chicken and dumplings, with the 2009 Francois Carillon Bourrgogne blanc. I've been a big fan of the Louis Carillon wines, and was looking forward to this. Good acids, minerally, but a tad short and a little thin. OK,. but a slight disappointment. B/B-

The chicken and dumplings recipe called for dry sherry, I opened a bottle of NV Lustau "Los Arcos" Dry Amontillado. Full, nutty, but I just don't get sherry and can't really comment coherently. I actually had more sherry (well, close, Manzanilla) when I got over to Roger's for our Iberian-themed meeting of local group. Fred had brought the La Gitana Fino. This seemed tired compared to the Lustau- Fred said it had been sitting in fridge for many months waiting to be opened,

OK, once everyone had gathered (we had all eaten, but didn't stop us from noshing on Roger's pate de campagne, Schaller and Weber double-smoked bacon, and assorted cheeses), we got down to the blind reds:

#1 Some people's wine of the night. Those people don't include me. Really oaky nose, though less intrusive on palate. Tannic, big, blackberry and black cherry, modernista mess. 2005 LAN "Edicion Limitada" Rioja C+

#2- this was a throwaway, luckly I had brought backup. The 2003 Quinta de Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada (Dao) was showing old, pruney notes and ashtray.. This wine was never intended to age at all, I found it misplaced under some Bordeaux. C

#3 My backup wasn't blind to me of course, I knew it was the 2008 Descendientes de Josť Palacios "Petalos" (Bierzo). Lots of acid, bright, black raspberries with a little oak/vanilla. Good length, fun if slightly glossy. B+/B

#4 Big, modern, but decent balance. I guessed modern Ribera del Deuro, not that far off. Marc was visiting from Switzerland, he had brought the 2007 Abadia Retuerta Seleccion Especial. B/B-

#5 This is really nice, earth, good acids, red fruits, fresh. Through a couple verbal hints I got Ribeira Sacra. 2009 Ventura "Vino Do Burato" (Ribeira Sacra). A-/B+

#6 A bit overripe and jammy, red fruit, I get the Garnacha part correct, though I guessed Jumilla. 2007 Gran Vinaio (Monstant) C+

#7 Structured, a bit tough, no obvious oak, needs a steak. 2008 Quinta do Vale Meao "Meandro" (Douro) B

#8 Jammy, low acid, but some interesting earth notes. 2009* Borsao Tres Picos. B-

Fun night.

Saturday I had full day of work and speeches, when I made it home Betsy made beef with lemon and sichuan pepper, a wine killer recipe, but a bottle of 2010 Ch. d'Oupia Minervois Rose did ok. Full, riper style of rose, almost approaching lush, with cherry and pomegranite and some floral notes. B

Sunday I was supposed to accompany Betsy to a performance at Cornelia Street Cafe of a friend's works, but I was bushed and she found someone else. While I cooked dinner I tried the 2010 Leitz Rudesheimer
Magdalenenkreuz Spatlese, all lime and apple fruit, zippy acids, good length. B+/B

Dinner was shrimp and tuscan beans, with avocado and mesclun salad. Wine was the 2009 Henri Boillot Bourgogne Blanc. Much richer and fuller than the Carillon, pear and hazelnut, good balance, a little on the fat side, good length, seems to have a bit in reserve, I'd think about aging this a little except the fatness and the synthetic cork say drink now. B+

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.