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Default Primal diet, where it goes wrong

A Moose in Love wrote:
On Nov 6, 12:52 pm, ImStillMags wrote:
OnNov 6, 9:20 am, A Moose wrote:

A raw foodist dissing any other approach to eating. Typical.

How about we find what works for us as individuals and to hell
withwhat anyone else's agenda spouts??

That's a good idea. I find the the people supporting the above raw
food diet eat far too many fruits. Bad news for a diabetic, although
they blame diabetes on fats; i.e. fats trap sugars in the blood.

Not only that but the raw vegans I know claim such a diet can cure diabetes.
Some said to be cured themselves. And of course when they were cured they
stopped testing or going to the Dr. Many of them are anti Dr.

I did not eat a lot of fruit as a raw vegan. I did use dates in a brownie
which I made once. I used dates and water as a sweetener for a nut mix. I
used agave nectar in some recipes but do not like things sweet foods so used
very little.

I never had a smoothie at all. No juice. I ate vegetables, sprouts, chia
seeds, other nuts and seeds and nut cheese.

This diet was lower in carbs than what I am eating now but it didn't work
for me at all in terms of BG. However I do seem to be atypical in that
regard. If I do not eat enough carbs, my BG rises. And that wasn't enough
carbs for me. I guess most people love fruit. I do not. In fact I don't
really even like it.