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Default Eat those Carbs! The ADA says you should!!

On 10/29/2011 8:20 AM, Janet wrote:
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I don't "believe in" the bible in any religious way either, Julie. That is
not the point. The point is that, like the pronouncements of the ADA on
their website, it is frequently cited as an authority to support someone's
opinion. And because of the way it is written, you can find justification
for almost any course of action there if you wish. Ozgirl quoted from one
part of it--I assume that's where she got that text, anyway--and I suggested
that she go look at another part of it, which says something quite

The ADA website USED to say that about 130 g of carbs a day
was required to supply the needs of the brain, back in the
days when they assumed that because the low-fat, no-sugar
diet worked somewhat for controlling diabetes, no funding
for any research to check if a low-carb diet worked better
was useful.

Since then, research funded elsewhere has shown that most
of the brain can switch to using fats for its energy, but
not all of it, and the liver can convert proteins into
glucose more than fast enough to supply the portions of
the brain that can't switch over.

The ADA is now SLOWLY moving toward accepting low-carb
diets as an alternative, but hasn't reached the point of
recommending it yet - except on their users forum, where
more users recommend it than those that recommend the
older diet.

Robert Miles