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Default Better at home? Better at restaurant?

On Oct 10, 12:41*pm, Bob Terwilliger
I've contended in the past that some foods are better when prepared at
home than when you get them in a restaurant. Risotto is an example
I've cited in particular, because restaurants take shortcuts which
detract from the quality of the risotto. Paella is a similar story,
and it pains me to note that many restaurants don't even bother to use
anything *close* to the right kind of rice for paella, assuming that
their customers are too ignorant to recognize the difference.

On the other hand, bouillabaise would be better in a restaurant,
because in order to make a "proper" bouillabaise you need to make
enough for more than a dozen people. (Well, maybe it would be
practical for Ranee to make at *her* home, but not for most of us.)

Grilled steak is a tossup: If you're in charge of cooking your own
steak, you can make it *exactly* the way you want it, but that's
balanced by the fact that restaurants often can get a better quality
of meat than what is available to consumers, and in many cases
restaurants have equipment which can create a heating surface much
hotter than what you can get at home.

What do you think are other foods which are better at home? What is
better to order in a restaurant?


I can't make Thai food for squat so we go out. We make great pizza but
a local place makes some awesome pizza so we go there once in a while.