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Originally Posted by Mark Lipton[_1_] View Post
DaleW wrote:
Today was Lucy the Hound's 9th birthday (well, 8th anniversary of
when we got her from Basset rescue, she was probably 9 months), but
her party/tea was Sunday afternoon. Her guests included a fellow
Basset, a retriever, 2 spaniels, 2 Yorkies,a English bulldog, and a
standard poodle. No humans wanted my on theme red wine, but we did
serve 2010 Chidaine Sauvignon Blanc (Touraine). Gooseberry/catpee
(don't tell dogs), crisp, light, fun, better than I thought the
first vintages of Chidaine's negoce line were. B

What a fun-sounding event, Dale! And I'm not even much of a dog
fancier. Did all the dogs get along? Was Lucy used to such a crowd?
I didn't even realize that Chidaine had set up a negoce arm, but now
I'll have to look out for it. His Vouvrays and Montlouis over the past
few years have consistently hit my sweet spot (or should I say my
demi-sec spot?)

Monday Betsy made onion soup and salad. I'd gotten an email that AM
from Oswaldo with a pic of his newborn son Andre, we wanted to toast
Andre, Marcia, Oswaldo, and Olivia at dinner. As O is Mr. Indigenous
Yeast, an appropriate time to try the NV Tissot "Indigene" Cremant de
Jura Brut. Not just native yeast, but the dosage is from vin de
paille being added. I enjoyed this (enough that after 15 minutes I
got up to check if CSW still had more- alas, no). Apple crumb cake,
creamy texture, full, with accents of peach and yeast. Interesting,
broad, lovely. A-/B+

Sounds great. Maybe you can scratch that itch with the Montbourgeau
Cremant that CSW just advertised today??

As it IS Lucy's birthday, with roast chicken, parslied potatoes, and
a broccoli/wakame slaw, the 2006 Mulderbosch "Faithful Hound"
(Stellenbosch). The dog is better than the wine, while I've liked
before, this vintage is overly ripe and forward, with some oak notes,
a bit too much "striving for Pavie" for my tastes. B-/C+

Why not some Steiner Hund on her b-day? :P

Great notes!
Mark Lipton
Not really familiar with birthday wines. Although, you gave some really good alternatives.