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Default 2008 Ramey Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay

On Sep 26, 11:58*am, susan leichtman wrote:
On Sep 26, 9:15*am, "Bi!!" wrote:

I became a fan of Ramey Chardonnay's many years ago when I was in the
distribution business and we distributed his wines. *David Ramey is an
incredibly interesting winemaker and it's fun to chat with him on many
levels. *His love of Burgundy is evident in his wines and there is no
mistaking the "Old World" balance and approach to winemaking that he
employs. *Last night with Chicken and Dumplings we opened a bottle of
2008 Ramey "Hyde Vineyard" Chardonnay. *The wine is a light straw
yellow in the glass. *Vibrant nose of apples and hazelnuts with a
whiff of citrus. *Medium weight and well balanced on the palate with
rich fruit flavors offset with a fine minerality and a finish of
bright citrus acidity. *Good match with the food. *"A-"

Had the Hyde, Hudson, and Ritchie at the Grand tasting for the Santa
Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta. The Hyde was certainly the best of the 2008
Chardonnays they produce. There clarets are amazing as well but all
very pricey.

The Claret sells for about $30-$35. The Annum sells for about $75
which is one of their top reds.