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Question I developed a tolerance to caffeine? Say it ainít so!

Whatís up everybody?

Iím here with some serious coffee questions:

Iím someone who suffers from incurable daytime drowsiness. All medical avenues have been explored and Iím stuck with sleepiness for as long as it wants to hold onto me. This sucks because my profession involves a lot of thinking, making life a literal pain in the brain.


At the beginning of this month I started trying coffee again after a long time, and, to my surprise, it stimulated my brain amazingly! My one cup a day granted me several great hours of work a day. I was delighted!

UntilÖ about two weeks into it. It seems my brain has developed a dreaded tolerance to caffeine. Even upping my intake to two cups a day doesnít help. Iíve fallen back into drowsy city.

So my question is: What is the most efficient way to maximize the effectiveness of caffeine as much as possible? Is there a certain dosage level that remains consistently effective? (without dangerous health issues, of course) Or, is there a schedule or plan I should undertake in order to most effectively avoid the undesirable chemical tolerance to caffeine? (the chemical is Ďadenosineí I believe) For example: a stimulated week of coffee, followed by a drowsy week of no coffee, and repeat.

Any suggestions or advice aimed at helping me would be awesome! It may help me to avoid lengthy, productivity-killing experiments, to hear what some experienced coffee drinkers have to say on this, as I continue to chase my caffeinated ray of hope.

Thank you!