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Default Menu for diarrhea?

"Storrmmee" wrote in message
as you know i try to eat moderate carb, to the healthy and more complex...
but when i am in this situation often its something to go down there and
collect the ick... rice, which for me would be brown, warm tapioca
pudding, and warm jello... also remember to keep her hydrated, truth is
its almost more important to get the liquids in than make the stool...
also watch her electrolights, but if she is carb sensitive she won't
probably do well with a banana, Lee

I was in such a hurry to leave and get to the store that I totally forgot to
give her the meds. All I gave her for dinner was a small bowl of rice
pasta. I didn't have any white rice in the house. This was imported from
Italy so I couldn't read all of it. But it said something about adding the
germ back in. And it was 2g of fiber per serving which seemed to be less
than the brown rice pasta we had.

At the store I bought her rice cakes, rice crackers, rice chips and some
white rice bread. Because she needed to eat with the meds I gave her a
sandwich of thinly sliced chicken breast on the plain white rice bread,
toasted. She loved it! But I told her she could not be eating that sort of
bread all the time because it has the same amount of carbs as regular wheat
bread. It didn't seem to raise her BG though because she tested at 75 at
the ER.

Now I am cranky because I didn't think to bring any food or my meds to the
ER. I should have had my bedtime snack 38 minutes ago but I didn't. And I
won't get the food for a while because I took my Carafate when I first came
in and it takes an hour before I can eat. I just hope I don't go hypo
before then. My numbers were down prior to and after dinner. Not too low
but much down from what they had been running.