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Default Menu for diarrhea?

Janet Wilder wrote:
On 9/20/2011 8:23 PM, Julie Bove wrote:
Angela is sick. I don't know what is going on. She restarted the
Metformin and is now up to 2 pills per day. Will up it to 3
tomorrow. That will be 1,500.

It started with diarrhea but I don't really think this is from the
Metformin because she took that dose for many days with no problem. She
was also very tired, cranky and had an ear ache, sore throat and
runny nose She already had a Drs. appointment for the follow-up on her
twitch which had resolved. So we mentioned the other symptoms.

Dr. said she had a slightly red and swollen ear and wasn't going to
do anything about it. Said that things like this resolve on their
own in kids her age. I pointed out that the last ear infection did
not resolve itself. It started in May and kept going until June!

So she prescribed Azytrhromycin but said not to give it to her
unless she got a fever. I did anyway. But not right away. I
waited 2 days until she was screaming with ear pain. I didn't
actually take her temperature because I still do not have an
accurate thermometer and refuse to keep buying them. I have bought
dozens over the years. They will show us with a fever and then we
will go to the Dr. and be found to have a normal temperature. Or
they show us with no fever and the Dr. says we have one! Anyway she
went from feeling chilled (it was a warm day) to sweating (and by
then it had cooled off). She felt hot to the touch. So that was on
Sunday. She was also sleeping a lot. I had to wake her. And she
was going to bed early. Neither thing is like her. She missed school on
Friday. I didn't really believe she was sick
at first. She said she had diarrhea and complained of the ear,
throat and runny nose. Got right back in bed and ate nothing that
day but a few bites of cereal and only because I told her she had to
eat something. Since then she has eaten little. Was having one bout of
diarrhea a
day. Seemed to resolve with a store brand Imodium. But then late
last night she got up from bed, almost crying from stomach pain. Severe
diarrhea! Took the maximum dose of the store brand Imodium
which is 4 pills. First 2, then 1 then another 1. She stayed up,
hovering over a bowl not sure which way she was going to get sick. I
finally gave her a can of diet ginger ale and then she felt a bit
better. I debated taking her to the Dr. again today but so far no
diarrhea. However she says she does feel sick to her stomach.

Her Endo. is not in on Tuesdays. Apparently he is there early in the
morning for some kind of appointment but then he leaves. I don't
know if he does surgery or what but he does not answer calls today. So I
didn't bother trying to call to see if this stomach stuff could
be from the Metformin. But the family practitioner she saw didn't
seem to think so. Her pediatrician was booked up so she saw another
Dr. She really hasn't been eating much. She had some gluten free fish
sticks for breakfast and I made her a small amount of plain white
rice for lunch. Neither of these things are low carb, I know. We
may have some yogurt. Not sure but if we do it will be the flavored kind.
She won't eat
plain. I am not sure about giving her toast. She can't eat regular
bread. Normally she eats some made of corn flour which would be
bad. I just got the new order. There is some made of tapioca. Would
that work for her problem? I do have a few slices of some
mixed grain, high fiber stuff. I know that would be bad. We do
have all kinds of applesauce. No bananas in the house. I do have a
couple of chicken breasts I could cook, plenty of canned chicken,
chicken broth and also rice pasta. At this point I think I am going to
worry less about carbs and just
try to get her well. Because of her missing 3 days of school she
is now flunking history because she missed a test. They are making
it super hard this year for kids who are absent to make up work! Her math
teacher was putting their assignments online but then she
suddenly stopped. So I don't know if she was sick or what. Angela
said tons of kids have been sick. So what do you eat when you have
diarrhea? Assuming you normally
eat low carb .


It is very possible that the diarrhea is from the antibiotics. The
strong ones often kill the good bacteria in the colon. If that is the
case, yogurt is what is recommended. To avoid high carbs, look for one
of the Greek yogurts. Fage brand is fairly low in carbs. They have
one that is 0% fat. If you want to sweeten it, use a tablespoon of
jam or preserves. Don't use sugar-free jam if it contains any
sweeteners that have sugar alcohols as they can make the diarrhea

She will not eat Greek. I bought some once. It almost made her vomit. She
couldn't bring herself to swallow it. She also won't eat jam or preserves.
The only thing like that I ever keep in the house is some sugar free
strawberry and since I eat it on peanut butter sandwiches it wouldn't be
safe for her to eat. I don't worry about cross contamination with it
because she has never shown an interest in eating it. She won't eat
anything with pieces of fruit in it. There are no sugar alcohols in this
stuff. But I also can't get any more because the health food store closed
about an hour ago.

The most important thing is to keep her hydrated. Lots of clear
fluids. Water, tea (the tannin in strong tea can sooth an upset
stomach), Crystal Light, clear broths, sugar-free jello (watch for
sugar alcohols). If you can find a sugar-free sports drink, like
Gatorade, that will help replace electrolites. I don't know if they
make Pedialite without a lot of sugar.

She does have sugar free sports drinks. Won't eat Jell-O and the only tea
she will drink is green. I do have broth though.

If she is still running high fevers and can't hold down Tylenol, put
her in the bath tub with warm (cooler than normal bath temp, but not
cool) water and pour it over her body with a bowl or large cup. That
will help cool her down.

She doesn't have a high fever. At least I don't think so.

And, Julie, I am being kind in giving you some advice. Please do not
come back and tell me why you can't follow it. I'm really more
interest in your child getting well than I am in your excuses. Thanks.

Sorry, I already did. That's just how I am.