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Default What do you love about tea?

Ive forgotten the reasons I drink tea. Now it is just part of who I
am and what I do.

On Sep 8, 3:57*pm, A Girl With Tea <A.Girl.With.Tea.
> wrote:
> I'm new to the forum, so I just wanted to take a moment and say hello
> and let you know a little about myself. First off, you may have already
> guessed, but I love tea.
> I love tea for several reasons: 1) It's natural, no artificial anything
> 2) Zero calories 3) The complexity of flavors 4) Wide variety of tea
> types to choose from; I never get bored with tea because there are so
> many to try! 5) It helps to tame my allergies 6) I enjoy the energizing
> yet relaxing quality of tea 7) It helps me be more mindful of the
> moment
> I'd like to get to know you a little better as well, so I thought I'd
> ask the question: "What is it that you love about tea?" I look forward
> to reading your reply
> --
> A Girl With Tea