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Default Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill Food

Julie Bove wrote:

: "W. Baker" wrote in message
: ...
: Tiger Lily wrote:
: : On 9/4/2011 6:22 PM, W. Baker wrote:
: : Tiger wrote:
: : : The is an elderly couple who take a taxi to/from the restaurant
: every
: : : day for their dinner. Dinner is 4:30 pm for them and they take home
: 1/2
: : : the senior's portion they just ate. The lady indicates that a soft
: : : boiled egg, toast and coffee is their morning meal; the left overs
: are
: : : their mid day meal; dinner ensures they have at least lunch at home
: the
: : : next day.
: :
: : : i didn't define elderly
: : : he's 102 and she's 97
: :
: : : kate
: :
: : Do they have a senior feeding program either like senior lunches for
: a
: : small fee or meals on wheels whic bring a prepared meal to the house 5
: das
: : a week? The other meals woul only entail light shopping that your
: mother
: : could learn to do or that one of you could send over or oder from the
: : computer.
: :
: : Wendy
: : Wendy, Meals on Wheels provides this service to the elderly. I don't
: : know about the remote area that Julie's parents live in. I know some
: : restaurants make your choice from 10 items, prepared in advance, frozen
: : and you only need to reheat them. These would be more upscale meals and
: : typically are a touch more appealing than the meals on wheels options.
: : kate
: In the very rural Margateville area there is a senior feeding program at
: the local Methodist church(not church run, but gov't run) it has a luch
: program for those who can travel or be bussed there and home delivered
: meals for those who are homebound. Menus issues monthly-no choice, but
: very inexpensive and standard institutional nutritions. Many of the town
: have a similar program in Delaware county. Judging from the number of
: food stores that Julie seems to have available at less than 50 miles away,
: I would say that her area is far less rural than Delaware County.

: My parents live in a suburb of Seattle with pretty much all they might need
: except perhaps for some medical specialists which is why he was transferred
: to that specific hospital. There is a grocery store within walking distance
: from their house. Also some restaurants but for the most part not ones they
: would eat in. There is a Subway. My dad likes it. My mom does not. My
: dad can not walk very far. My mom can, but given her macular degeneration I
: feel it would be unsafe for her to go out on her own. She knows that she
: has it, but seems to be in severe denial about how bad it is. She still
: seems to think that what she sees (or doesn't see) is what everyone else
: sees.

: When my dad was driving she would yell at him for jerking the car around
: having no clue that he had actually changed to another lane. When we would
: tell her that he did she would either say that she didn't know or that he
: really hadn't done that.

: Once I commented on a woman's green eye shadow (she was totally dressed in
: green) and my mom tried to tell me that I couldn't see the woman's eyes.
: But I clearly could.

Does she have he dry or wet kind of macular degeneratin? the wet kind,
which I have, can sually be treated by frequent injectioons b a retina
specialist. Medicare covers it.