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Mike Polo
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Default wine kits....

I've been making wine from kits for a couple of years now and can recommend
the Brew King Selection and International Selection wholeheartedly. I've not
tried the Vineco but have tried the CellarCraft and the Spagnols. I tend to
stick to the Brew King line because it's easier to find and I am familiar
with it. I have also made wine from Mosti Mondiale pure juice. All of these
are good choices if you stick to the premium lines, but remember... they
won't stand up as well to your whole grape wines, particularly with the red
varietals. They make good wines, but you will lose some of the nuances you
get from fresh grapes.


Mike Polo
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"Andy j." wrote in message
Hi.....after making wine from my own grapes for the past 2 seasons, as
well as some zinfindal grapes I ordered thru a local supplier, I feel
it's time to splurge and buy a kit wine.
Locally I have a choice of Vineco or Brew King products.Has anyone
here used either the Selection Series from Brew King .......or the
Kendall Ridge or Legacy Series from Vineco? What results might I
expect from these "Premium" kits? My understanding is that the home
winemaking supply industry has much improved their product in recent
years by including more pure juice and less concentrate.....opinions
anyone??.....thanks ....Andy Jones ,N.B., Canada