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Brian Lundeen
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"Jim Howe" wrote in message
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I have made wine from frozen grapes purchased from Brehm Vineyards:

Exquisitely good stuff. It is simply crushed & destemmed grapes which
have been frozen (reds), or fresh-pressed unclarified juice (whites.)

A bit pricey, though. The stuff is shipped by air to an airport near
you, still frozen. You let it that and go to work.

Wow, the stuff is pricey to begin with and you are getting direct air
shipment added on top of that?

So, where do you live and how much does air shipping add per pail for you? I
expect even if you live in Alaska, it's probably still cheaper for you than
it would be for me, given that I have the misfortune to be on the Canadian
side of the border. Not even sure IF Brehm will air ship to Canada.

Right now, if I want Brehm I have to order from Vancouver and get it truck
shipped for about $300 a pallet. Needless to say, not worth it unless
ordering in considerable quantity.