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Jim Howe
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Default wine kits....

Andy j. wrote:
Hi.....after making wine from my own grapes for the past 2 seasons, as
well as some zinfindal grapes I ordered thru a local supplier, I feel
it's time to splurge and buy a kit wine.
Locally I have a choice of Vineco or Brew King products.Has anyone
here used either the Selection Series from Brew King .......or the
Kendall Ridge or Legacy Series from Vineco? What results might I
expect from these "Premium" kits? My understanding is that the home
winemaking supply industry has much improved their product in recent
years by including more pure juice and less concentrate.....opinions
anyone??.....thanks ....Andy Jones ,N.B., Canada

I have made wine from frozen grapes purchased from Brehm Vineyards:

Exquisitely good stuff. It is simply crushed & destemmed grapes which
have been frozen (reds), or fresh-pressed unclarified juice (whites.)

A bit pricey, though. The stuff is shipped by air to an airport near
you, still frozen. You let it that and go to work.

All the best to one and all.