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Default Good food at Mexican restaurants!

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Julie Bove wrote:
We have noticed that more and more Mexican restaurants are serving
low carb salads. Granted these are the more Americanized places, but
those are the sort we have in this area. But some of the taquerias
are also serving salads. That was my big beef with Mexican food when
we lived in CA. None of the restaurants had salads and although I
love Mexican food, there were just too many carbs in the food for me.

Tonight we tried a place in Woodinville where we had not eaten before.
Plaza Garcia. Angela had a Carlos Salad which had a nice chicken
breast, cheese, tomatoes and tons of sautéed mushrooms and onions on
top. Instead of dressing she had sour cream and guacamole. The only
problem was that the thing was HUGE! I think it could have easily
fed a family of four.
We didn't get a box because we didn't think it would be a good
leftover given the cooked veggies on the salad. Oddly the menu
didn't say that the mushrooms and onions were cooked so I assumed
they would be raw.
So if you've been avoiding Mexican places because of the carbs, you
might want to check their menus again!

Same thing is true of Chipotle Grill. I was curious about it, so when
one opened in our area I eventually had lunch there. It was possible to
get all of the burrito fillings on a bed of nice lettuce, instead. Very

FYI, the new entity associated with McDonald's, Fresh City, has a "low
carb" burrito option. It contains chicken, black beans, salsa, cheese,
and guacamole, on a low carb wrap. It's 20-something carbs. It's my
go-to alternative when eating at highway rest stops.

There is a Chipotle near my parent's house but I never tried it because
my dad said the food was tasteless.

I have not heard of Fresh City but would not eat a low carb burrito
because most likely the tortilla has soy in it. Plus I don't trust
McDonalds at all.

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought you only had to watch/limit your
soy intake because of thyroid problems not because you are allergic? I
disagree about not trusting McDonald's. Large corporations like that are
built on reputation and people love suing large corporations.

McDonalds in your country might be different. But here IMO they have two
strikes against them. They said their fries were vegetarian when in fact
they were being fried in beef fat. I believe they were sued by some Indian
(as in from India) people who would not knowingly eat beef and were led to
believe the fries were fine for them.

Then they switched oil and now it contains milk and wheat although this fact
was not disclosed until just a few years ago.

These things probably wouldn't matter to the average person. But to a
person with food allergies? I let Angela eat the fries not knowing they
were not safe for her and then wondering why she got sick. Well now I know.

So for those reasons I can not trust what they say to be the truth.