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Default HOW FATTY FOOD TRIGGERS DIABETES [Sanford-Burnham Medical ResearchInstitute]

On 8/27/2011 10:31 PM, Elmo wrote:

On 28/08/2011 11:43 AM, Jay Maharaj wrote:
How fatty food triggers diabetes

The Pioneer
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

London - For the first time, scientists have discovered how fatty
food trips a genetic switch in the body that can trigger diabetes, a
finding they say could lead to a potential cure for the disease.

If anyone think that diabetes is curable, their medical knowledge and
experience becomes immediately suspect.

Jay isn't a medical doctor, or a doctor of any other kind. He is a
mercenary propagandist, and a self-confessed ass-troll-oger, and claims
to have been fleecing gullible people since before 1947(claim made in
1997 that he "began my practice more than 50 years ago"). He doesn't
even use his real name, or make available any verifiable information on
himself. He claims to be a "native Sanskrit speaker", but was soundly
trounced when called on it by someone fluent in Sanskrit. He's also
claimed, for the past 20 years, to be the oldest poster to USENET, which
he obviously is in no position to judge, since posters typically do not
reveal their ages. Apparently he is over 100 years old now, if one is to
believe his claims from 20 years ago. He is also one of the worst bigots
on USENET, with an agenda that is anti-Christian, anti-Muslim,
anti-Jewish, anti-black, anti-***, anti-anything that doesn't fit his
narrow chauvinist, xenophobic, bigoted commission.

Some of his "predictions" as an ass-troll-oger:

"But, there are many Jyotishis and wise persons in both India and
Pakistan who are predicting a unification, or merger close to
the year 2000.

Is there any astrological truth to this? Very simply -- yes!
The simple explanation points to the combination of a retrograde
Jupiter and retrograde Saturn in Mesh (Aries) at the end of the
year 2000. There will be an uprising in most of Pakistan and
several parts of India at that time."
---Jay Stevens Maharaj, 3/13/93

"Based on one of mankind's most time-tested sciences, Jyotish,
(_no experimentation here_!) the India-Pakistan reunification
should occur on our about July 26, 2000 (the date of the final
signing of the pact.)"
From: Jai Maharaj )
Subject: India-Pakistan Unification
Newsgroups: soc.culture.indian
Date: 1993-04-18 13:24:50 PST

"By December, 1996 most of the formalities for the merger would
have been agreed-to in principle."
----Jay Stevens Maharaj, 4/18/93

"The predicted reunification is to occur in a little over
seven years from now. If you have normally healthy kids,
they should live to see it. The same holds true for you
being able to witness it."
----Jay Stevens Maharaj 12/12/93

"The process[of reunification] has already begun and should
peak about the middle of the next decade."
---Jay Stevens Maharaj, 6/05/99

---Jay Stevens Maharaj, tacitly conceding the worthlessness of his
"predictions", 3/06/2000

"This is more evidence of the reunification of countries
in the region -- as predicted by me and several other
Jyotishis. The reunification is complete at many vital
levels, and in varying degrees of completion at others."
----Jay Stevens Maharaj 6/20/2006

"In other words, the reunification of Bharat and Pakistan
(and Bangladesh) has taken place at most levels."
----Jay Stevens Maharaj 12/11/2008

"Just as the reunification of Bharat and Pakistan on most levels was
completed a few years ago, the reunification of Bharat and Shri Lanka
is also to take place in the future."
----Jay Stevens Maharaj 1/27/2010

On behalf of all real Vedic astrologers, on and off the
net, please accept my humble apologies. He is not one of us.
- Shyamasundara Dasa |
19 Mar 1995

Astrology: Fraud or Superstition?

Ass-troll-ogers/jyotishitheads are the bane of humanity, and must be
cleansed or otherwise purified for the benefit of society.