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Default pH TA experiment

Sounds like a plan. You will be here the first part of Dec., right? I just
wish I trusted my pH meter more.


"Paul E. Lehmann" wrote in message
Has anyone done an experiment in which a liter solution of water is used

a base and added enough tartaric and lactic acid (in the proportions that
one would find in a wine that has undergone ML; bring the pH to say 3.5

then measured the TA? I realize that this does not exactly duplicate a

because of all the other trace acids, tannins, alcohol and other organic
compounds but it might be an interesting experiment. One could then modify
the experiment by adding some tannin, varying amounts of alcohol and
flavorings, and taste and measure the results. I realize that there

are "Ideal" numbers for white and red wines but it might be interesting to
see the influence of alcohol and tannins. Sounds like a good experiment

a PHD Biophysicists - are you there, Ray?