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Default TN: 2 very good wines, both with just a hint of sugar (Loire,Saar)

On 8/2/11 9:32 AM, DaleW wrote:
Sunday we did blue snapper (aka Boston bluefish, actually a pollock)
on grill, with radishleaf pesto on thin spaghetti, kohlrabi, and
asparagus. Wine was the 2009 Lauer "Senior- Fass 6 " Ayler Kupp
Riesling (Saar). A bit muted at first, opens nicely. Rich
tropical/apple fruit with a creamy texture, but there's plenty of
invigorating acidity here, wet stones, just a hint of RS. Excellent
length. A-/B+

Tonight I had assorted leftover veggies, plus a squash frittata.
Wine was a half bottle of the 2008 Chidaine "Les Argiles" Vouvray.
Honied sweet fruit gives illusion of real sweetness at first, but
while this isn't fully dry, it's not really sweet- more a sec-tendre.
Ripe apple fruit with a waxy Chenin edge, light bodied but with full
flavors, minerality, good length. B+/A-

Two lovely wines, Dale. I love the '09 German Rieslings I've had and
'08 demi-sec and sec-tendres from the Loire also hit my "sweet spot"
(not to mention Chidaine). I haven't had the "Les Argiles" since the
'05 but it sounds like he's only getting better wines out of his Vouvray
sites. I'll be getting in some of the "Le Bouchet" when shipping season
starts again, so we'll see.

Mark Lipton
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