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Thitherflit > writes:

>Hi everybody,
>I went to a brand new "tea parlor" in my little town. The linens are
>nice, the space is comfortable, the scones, sweets and sandwiches are
>fabulous... The problem, of course, is the tea.
>The shop has 18+ teas. They have a sampler of bottles of the leaf so
>you can look and smell. The descriptions on the menu are reasonably
>informative ("A slightly smokey Keemun blended with a

Seriously? DJ and Keemun?!

>I tried a pot of one of the teas... and-- the fragrance seemed ok, but
>the taste was *superficial*... a bit of nose, but no body.
>I engaged the proprietess in a discussion... she seemed smart... ("The
>keemun is pretty light, and the Darjeeling is more green than
>black...") She wanted to be able to serve some tea to me that I felt
>satisfied with, and she ended up serving me four different black
>teas... ALL of them seemed pallid, no body. The wine-word "flinty"
>might also fit (though that isn't the key problem...)
>We reviewed basics. She said that the water is filtered, and at 212
>degrees. She buys the tea from a vendor in England (where she's
>from), and buys it in 10 pound lots, but assures me that all this tea
>is fresh. (And, of course, she is brewing loose leaf.)
>We have tentative plans to get together and brew some tea for each
>other, and I'm going to give her some samples of teas that I like.
>She has said she could send it to her dealer and see if he could
>approximate some of my favorites.
>I do tend to buy fancy grades of tea... but even when I buy cheap
>teas, they never taste like what I tasted today!
>Current theory: maybe it's that I use a lot more leaf than she does?
>Would *that* make the difference in the *body*?

That makes sense to me. Why dont you bring a gram scale to your next
meeting with the shop owner?

>Do you have other questions I should be considering? Theories?

Is her storage air- and light-tight?

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