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Originally Posted by emmy007 View Post
The newly baked bread in the showcase of a bakery look so delicious that you may want to taste it at once. Actually, itís not the best time. When the baked food is still steaming, some unvolatilized irritants, such as alcohol or other fermented products, may cover its original flavor and disturb your taste. Yet, long-time stored bread is improper to eat as well. It belongs to fresh food whose raw materials, such as eggs and milk, will go bad if stored for some time. You'd better taste it in six hours after it's baked, so you have to be patient enough to wait for it getting cold.
I don't think this is applicable to all types of bread. There are bread shops where you can get good-tasting breads even if it's more than 6 hours or a day after it has been baked. Also, bakers know which bread needs to be consumed after some time that's why there are expiry dates or best before dates on the plastic or container of breads. Ingredients used for commercial breads are also carefully chosen so as not to spoil the products easily.