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Default OT PING: Oldtimers - Rainbw bridge time.

"Chemiker" wrote in message
Newbies: save your caustic comments. They are beneath you.

Old farts: You were there when Dusty Wings, resident Dal, flew the
coop. You were there when we brought in Ariadne Auf Nachoes, new
resident Dal, who has now departed. Now, alas, her friend Holly
Golightly, resident Husky, is riddled with adenosarcoma and her days
are limited. Her treats are slices of home-smoked sausage with
tramadol tablets inside. Vet has sliced her frequently, deep and
continuos, but there is no containing the C-beast.

If I have been overly sarcastic or immoderately testy (beyond my usual
testiness), I offer my apologies.

I guess no more need be said. Thanks for your support in the past. All
things pass, including us.


Lord, if there is any good thing I can do, let me do it now, for I may
not pass this way again.... (author unknown)

You have my deepest sympathy. We who love and care for animals do all we
can to make their last days their best and their easiest.