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Default Tonight's dinner.

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Lol, scones and gravy I think or similar.

Thanks for all the answers, I am now adding Sausage gravy along
with Grits to my bucket list of things I never need to eat :-)

lol, and canned chicken?

Actually, near the tuna now there is small cans of snack chicken
with mayo I think. I put it on my son's "lunch - 11pm, lol" and he
never said anything about it. But this is the ex-Maccas kid who
lived and breathed Maccas food

Jan, imagine my horror when hubby proudly came home with canned

I have NO idea what to do with THAT.

Well, he brought it camping and made curried butter chicken with
Wow, it actually almost tasted like real chicken!


I am glad you liked it, I don't think I will ever be trying it
one and only time I saw chicken in a can here, apart from the the
shredded stuff in snack size cans (like tuna) I remember thinking
the heck do they fit a whole chook in that can.

this isn't a whole chicken!!!!!! LOL

But you can get it that way. I saw it at Winco. It was a rather
large can. But I suspect a rather small chicken.

I first saw canned chicken here a while ago and it looked like this:

The stuff I have actually bought is the shredded, flavoured stuff in
snack cans, sandwich stuff. Its the whole chicken that sorta turns my
stomach lol.