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"Ingebird" wrote in message
My hubby wants to bring lunch to work. He is a newbie and trying to
figure out lo-carb meals, especially for lunch. He cannot bring salads
and was thinking more about sandwichs. Any suggestions?

Sandwiches are not low carb unless you put them on low carb bread or use low
carb wraps. Or you can simply wrap the filling in large lettuce leaves.

There is also something called a gorilla sandwich. You can buy them in some
locations. I think maybe Whole Foods sells them. Or you can make them at
home. Take a cucumber, cut off one end then hollow it out as best you can.
I have never tried this but have heard that an iced tea spoon works well.
You can save the hollowed out cucumber, chop it and put it in the sandwich
filling. The best fillings for this would be something like an egg, chicken
or tuna salad. Fill up the cucumber and wrap in plastic.

There are also low carb things that are not sandwiches like cheese and meat
cubes, hard boiled eggs and nuts.