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Default Top Drip Makers under $100? water temp and filters

The main criterion is whether the machine heats the water hot enough, to
ensure proper extraction. Brewing temperature should be 92 to 96 degrees
C; I believe the Cuisinart machines, as well as some of the Capressos,
meet this standard (as well as the Philips).

I wonder how to go about determining what temperature a coffee maching is
actually heating the water to before dripping it through the coffee since
most machines have hotplates under the carafe? Also, does any company other
then Braun specifically claim that their machines properly heat the water?

Why bother with gold-tone filters since, in my experience, they increase the
likelihood of the machine to overflow during brewing? Is the flavor of
coffee improved by not using a paper filter? And regarding paper filters,
any idea why the cone type cost about 3X as much as the basket type?